Environmental Noise Services

Industrial Noise

Assess the impact of industrial noise sources, such as factories, on nearby communities and other sensitive receptors. In coordination with relevant stakeholders, compliance with the Environmental Authority requirements is then achieved through intelligent noise-control design.

Chemical Plant

Traffic Noise

Quantify traffic noise impact using data from long-term noise monitoring and numerical noise models. Noise barrier design is then optimised to minimise costs and ensure compliance with Road Authority requirements.

City Traffic at Night

Construction Noise

Conduct a noise impact assessment that defines all applicable noise requirements and highlights all relevant noise sensitive receptors. 

Dirt Construction Site

Noise from Music and Entertainment Venues

Asses noise impact from entertainment venues on residential receptors, and verify compliance with Environmental Authority requirements.

Disco Club

Other Environmental Noise Sources

Assess other sources of environmental noise, such as dog kennels, gun ranges, and public-address systems, to verify compliance with relevant Environmental Authority requirements, and advise on amelioration measures.

Wind Turbines