Occupational Noise Services

Conduct the required noise (and vibration) measurements and assess occupational noise exposure on relevant personnel in accordance with prescribed legislation and guidelines.
Provide a concise report on the outcome of the assessment outlining any risk of non-compliance, and—if necessary—provide practical solutions for achieving compliance.

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Important Further Reading

“More than 100,000 Victorian workers risk their hearing every day in noisy workplaces.” Source–WorkSafe Victoria

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004 is the cornerstone of legislative and administrative measures to improve occupational health and safety in Victoria. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (made under the Act) contain specific requirements for the control of noise.


Obligations on Employers (as imposed by the regulations)

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If you are unsure whether the noise exposure standard is being exceeded in your workplace, you must carry out testing and determine employees' exposure to noise. You could do this by taking spot noise measurements or getting a noise specialist to assist you. In some cases, such as when there are multiple noise sources, an assessment will be more difficult and hiring an experienced consultant may be the best approach. The more complex the situation, the more knowledgeable and experienced the assessor needs to be.

Obligations on Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plants (as imposed by the regulations)

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If use of the plant may cause employees' exposure to exceed the noise exposure standard, manufacturers or suppliers must provide a record stating the sound power level of the plant when supplying it.

There is a chance that the exposure standard may be exceeded if:

•              it is difficult to hear someone speaking to you from one metre away

•              employees notice a temporary hearing loss or ringing in the ears after leaving work

•              employees need to use hearing protectors

The Regulations also recognises that enforcement action, including prosecution, may be taken whether or not a breach of Victoria's OHS laws has resulted in death, injury or disease.

Source WorkSafe Victoria https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/noise